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Drying equipment industry of China outlook

Keywords: Spray Drying, Spray Drier, Drying Equipment    Publish Time: 12-10-2010

  Drying equipment in future the focus of competition will focus on product quality, technical level, after-sales service and price. On the type of equipment in dry, hot air will be heated under normal pressure drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment mainly, and other such far-infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment and other special areas of the users will also gradually expand the application of quantity. In the food, pharmaceutical drying, the vacuum freeze-drying equipment for the larger standard equipment demand will increase, with a combination of features (such as granulation - dry, dry - filtration) equipment will increase demand, high-automation drying equipment In some applications would be welcomed. In addition, the appearance of the quality of drying equipment will be more and more attention, corrosive resistant materials drying equipment and the use of reliable performance, will be of particular concern to users.
  At present, our country drying equipment industry has begun to enter the more mature stage of development, be able to better compare various fields to meet the practical needs of users, while at the same prices on foreign products only 1 / 3, which makes our country drying equipment in the market competition than imported equipment has obvious price advantage; On the other hand, because of drying equipment larger, the majority also involve site installation, commissioning and after-sales service work for domestic users, the more choice of selection of domestic equipment imported equipment more convenient. On the international market, China's accession to the WTO, more conducive to drying equipment to expand exports. At present, our country's major export drying equipment are vacuum drying equipment, drying equipment vibration, small and medium-sized food, agriculture, forestry, food and native products drying equipment, the annual export volume more than 100 Units, exports are the main areas of Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and has opened the door to European and American markets. At present, China's exports accounted for drying equipment drying equipment made of the proportion of the total amount of less than 5%, experts predict, "15" export products during the drying equipment  in the domestic share of the total will reach more than 10%.
  In international competition, our drying equipment production enterprise's main rival is Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Japan. Compared with competitors, our country the advantages of drying equipment prices are low, mainly due to inadequate control of the degree of automation products, the appearance of quality, feature sets and combinations of aspects to be further improved.
  Therefore, drying equipment production enterprises should make full use of China's accession to WTO opportunities, strengthen technological exchanges with foreign countries and learn from foreign advanced long drying equipment to speed up drying my country improve the degree of automation and control equipment, appearance quality, feature sets and combinations, and narrowing the gap with foreign products, enhance our products at the user's trust, so that our country is not only drying equipment at the domestic market, but also in foreign markets can take place.
  Our country is now producing varieties of drying equipment increasing the scope of expanding the level and quality of products is rapidly improve market competitiveness are growing. In particular the Government of our country are introduced to support the exports of the relevant policies, drying equipment production for the domestic enterprises to create an excellent external conditions, which show that our country are good prospects for the development of drying equipment.

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