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Centrifugal spray drying in the dairy production

Keywords: Centrifugal spray drying    Publish Time: 12-10-2010

Centrifugal spray drying technology in the late 50s at the beginning of the application of the domestic dairy industry, more than 40 years. At present, the dairy industry has around 5% of the manufacturers to adopt this technology. Its dairy industry to promote our country's rapid development has played an active role.
1 Centrifugal spray drying of the birth of
  Dairy industry in our country first of all, the application of spray-drying technology is the "stress" and "two-fluid" technology, because at that time by the technical level and scale of production factors such as the restrictions are only horizontal, level, multi-nozzle form evaporation of most of its capacity at 250kg / h below. The mid-60s, Anderson dairy products factory installed Evaporation Units 1 350kg / h Horizontal stress spray-drying equipment, sprinklers for 7; assistance to Albania in 1967, provided by spray-drying equipment, the southern suburbs of Beijing are imitation dairy products factory in 1965 imported from Japan evaporation 350kg / h dual-head, horizontal, pressure spray dryers require evaporation 150kg / h, also a dual nozzle; ShangHai 60s at the end of the first milk crystal factory installed three vertical spray drying stress , and its evaporation to 250kg / h, sprinklers are not less than 3. This was the emergence of multi-nozzle hot, is primarily a wrong theory prevailed. Lot of people think nozzle aperture should not exceed a certain value, otherwise, the material can not be atomized. At that time, equipment capacity in small cases, are bound to create a multi-nozzle, small aperture nozzle production, only the smallest nozzle diameter 0.5mm, which give the production operation, management caused many problems, mainly milk powder particles are so small, red Tonality poor color, organization status for the user not welcome.
  To resolve this contradiction, many manufacturers, research institutes, tertiary institutions in many ways of looking for the production of good brew of instant milk powder, "have emerged one after another" two drying method "," add lactose recrystallization method "and the trial production, But the end result of high production costs, are not suited for large-scale production can not promote. Meanwhile, the emergence of centrifugal spray drying technology, and a certain degree of development, the main reason was to produce homemade speed centrifugal spray low, only 5000r/mim) about line speed because of low milk powder particles emitted large, brew pressure spray of superior products at the market on a relatively welcome by the users.until the 70's heart spray-dried milk powder produced at market dominant. then there is representative of several milk plants are Songhuajiang dairy plant, dairy products factory Chahayang, west of Beijing dairy plants, dairy plants, etc.
2 Centrifugal spray drying of recession
  1980 Heilongjiang Dairy machinery plant designed evaporation 250kg / h single-nozzle spray ten dry vertical stress, and in 1982 at Taylor County, dairy products factory in the normal operation, after which a new, expanded the use of dairy products factory Centrifugal drying technology gradually reduced, a number of centrifugal spray technology has been in use for the old plants, the expansion also began to pressure spray technology, manufacturers do not consider the two techniques simultaneously on the use and management of the inconvenience, such as milk Fuyu crystal factory, dairy Zhaodong plant, west of Beijing Dairy Factory, Hulan dairy plants, dairy plants, etc. Song Station. Some centrifugal spray technology has been used for many years the old factory, newly installed pressure spray-drying equipment, put the original centrifugal spray drying equipment to disable or simply removed, such as Zhaodong dairy plants, dairy products factory west of Beijing; 80 the end of the decade since the emergence of the "centrifugal" to "pressure" situation, the successful transformation of the author has rich dairy plants, dairy products factory Songhua Lake, Song Station dairy plant and dairy products factory waves ranch. The emergence of these phenomena, indicating that people have come to realize the "centrifugal spray" And "pressure spray", centrifugal spray drying technology in China's dairy industry has been shaken the market, pressure spray-dry technology has a ten absolute advantage, you can say "centrifugal spray" dairy industry in our country has begun to decline. Debate the advantages and disadvantages of both methods have been seldom heard and never heard "centrifugation" formula than the "pressure method" certainty that good quality.
Such a change of generation, there is a variety of factors to analyze the reasons. Mainly have the following points:
(1) Theoretical misunderstanding
  Denmark KMSTS the "Spray Drying Handbook" explicitly pointed out on centrifugal spray drying method for the production of small particle products. Some people put not made because of our high-speed centrifugal spray machine, atomization of a bad case of the larger particles produced milk mistakenly think are the advantages of centrifugal spray.
(2) Centrifugal spray drying equipment for the design of non-standard
  From 50-80 years, China's dairy industry to use centrifugal spray drying equipment, almost all for "tu zhuan jia" hand, there is no standardized design. For less investment, quick implementation, the majority of the centrifugal sprayer are "earth-made" variety of hot air distributor, into the wind uneven and can not adjust, there is a "coke" problem, not a few in Units 1 to meet the design capacity, resulting in and the former non-matching processes.
(3) The nature of milk production characteristics of the raw materials
  The main raw material for milk powder for fresh milk, the additives such as sugar, milk extinction powder, milk and other substances are soluble, and the milk will not form a precipitation mixture, the viscosity and concentration is not high, this material is also very suitable in spray-drying stress, not only with centrifugal spray dry ten.
(4) Vertical stress single-nozzle spray devices
  80 In the early vertical stress single-nozzle spray-drying equipment, the application quickly. Because of the nozzle aperture, and the powder particles to achieve even more than the centrifugal spraying milk powder particles, the brew of the two products is almost the same, centrifugal spray method of brewing good advantage of milk powder is no longer unique, spray-drying stress Law brew of bad milk powder has been corroborated by the name.


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