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Official calls for better social management

Keywords: www.chinadaily.com.cn    Publish Time: 02-20-2011

BEIJING - Senior Chinese official Zhou Yongkang Sunday reiterated the necessity to improve and innovate social management so as to "ensure the country's long-term peace and stability".

 Zhou's call came a day after Chinese President Hu Jintao stressed the need to maximize factors conducive to harmony and minimize those detrimental to it.

At a high-profile seminar attended by provincial and ministerial-level officials, Zhou underlined the need to build a socialist social management system with Chinese characteristics, consolidate the ruling status of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and safeguard people's fundamental interests.

Zhou, a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, urged officials to put "improving social management and innovations in this regard" as their "top responsibility".

It is necessary to "detect conflicts and problems in time" and "take forward-looking, active and effective measures to improve social management", he said.

Zhou urged efforts to "correctly reflect and coordinate various interests", take into account public concerns and enforce social management through communications on equal footing, negotiation, coordination, education and guidance.

It is imperative for China to proceed from its reality, takes its own path in improving and innovating social management, he said.

The country would give play to the advantages of its political system and mechanism while learning useful experience from foreign countries to improve the structure of social management comprising Party committee leadership, government responsibility, nongovernmental support and public participation, he said.

Zhou stressed it was significant to improve residence permit system and build a national database regarding basic information of the country's population so as to better service and management for the public.

To boost the healthy development of Internet, a comprehensive management structure should be formed featuring Party committees' leadership, government's strict management, enterprises' lawful operation, the Internet industry's self-discipline and joint supervision by the society, Zhou said.

Other major tasks in improving and innovating social management listed by Zhou include step-up fight against crimes, reduction of social confrontations, crackdown on making and selling of counterfeit goods and preventing and minimizing social risks.