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Yt series pressure spray dryer is the main equipment of our company. This equipment is widely used in electronic ceramics, new metal materials, new energy materials, etc. Professional equipment, professional manufacturers, you are welcome to visit our company.

Product Description

YT series pressure spray granulation drying equipment is used to input solutions, suspensions, emulsions, pastes and other materials into the nozzle at high pressure through a high-pressure pump, spray out mist droplets, rise like a fountain, and then conduct heat exchange with hot air. The solid water is separated and dried to obtain granular products. According to the process requirements, the pressure of the material liquid pump and the size of the flow nozzle can be adjusted to obtain the required spherical particles in proportion to the size. It is also possible to obtain particle products with larger diameters.

Adaptable Materials

Suitable for concentration, mixing, drying of powdery, granular and fiber materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, as well as materials that require low-temperature drying (such as biochemical products, etc.). It is more suitable for drying materials that are easily oxidized, volatile, heat-sensitive, strongly irritating, toxic, and materials that are not allowed to destroy crystals.


1. Fast drying speed;

2. The obtained product is in the form of round or apple-shaped spherical particles with uniform particle size and good fluidity and solubility. The product has higher purity and better quality;

3. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for hot air drying, granulation, cold air granulation, spray crystallization, spray reaction, etc.

4. The operation is simple and convenient, the control is stable, and it is easy to realize automatic operation. The product particle size, bulk density, and moisture content can be adjusted within a certain range.

5. Depending on the material, the pressure spraying method can be either downstream (spraying from top to bottom) or countercurrent (spraying from bottom to top).


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